Metal Chrome Coat Hanger MCCH101

Chrome Coat Hanger Model MCCH101

  • This coat hanger features a beautiful body that comes with polished chrome finishing and wide shoulders.
  • It's ideal for coats, jackets and heavy tops.
  • Length: 40.0 cm. Height: 18.5 cm.

Metal Chrome Coordinate Hanger MCCOH101

Chrome Coordinate Hanger Model MCCOH101

  • This coordinate hanger features sturdy and space-saving body, notched arms with rounded ends for for hang straps and other outfits.
  • You can also use this hanger to hang Blouses, Shirts and other tops.
  • Length: 43.0 cm. Height: 19.0 cm.

Metal Chrome Coordinate Hanger MCCOH102

Chrome Coordinate Hanger Model MCCOH102

  • This coordinate hanger features a space-saving body with chrome finishing, shoulders with rounded ends, set of rubberized metal clips and supportive built-in hook that allows hold other hanger.
  • Length: 38.5 cm. Height: 23.0 cm.

Metal Chrome Coordinate Hanger MCCOH103

Chrome Coordinate Hanger Model MCCOH103

  • This coordinate hanger comes with heavy duty metal construction, notched arms with rounded ends for hang straps.
  • It is ideal for hang blouses and shirts.
  • Length: 40.0 cm. Height: 18.0 cm.

Metal Chrome Pants and Skirt Hanger MCPH102

Chrome Pants & Skirt Hanger Model MCPH102

  • This Pants & Skirt Hanger comes with sleek body, chrome finishing, strong hook, set of rubberized clips.
  • Ideal for keeps organized slacks, skirts and trousers.
  • Length: 30.0 cm. Height: 11.5 cm.